A Poem - Loving God, Loving Me

I feel so blessed
I am more than impressed
At how God sends His message
And gives me peace
Sweet peace
His Love and Spirit flows through me

As I've strived for success
I have had to confess
For loving others, not as self
For loving others far more than self
My love too special for myself

For I had given all of my precious jewels
And exerted exuberant energy
Yet left none for me
Even my reserves had gone dry

In my joyful bliss of ignorance
I have rescued and carried
That which was not mine to do
Then I was just ‘too through’

Not for a lack of desire
But for a lack of fire
I became restless and tired
And I needed to be inspired

But then, my change came

Loving God
Loving me

I began to feel more free
To undress the mess
And expose the stress
Of all the running

All the going
All the doing
All the showing

All of the false expectations
Of perfection
By others
And by me

But now I am free
Loving God
Loving me

Loving me
Loving me

Loving me unconditionally
Loving all of me unapologetically

Loving my family
And all of those close to me
Loving my church and my community
Loving the unlovely
Loving my country
Yes, even president number forty five
Loving my friends
Even loving my enemies

Perfect love
From above

Now I can see

Loving God
Loving me

© July 2017 Angela Braxton-Johnson * All Rights Reserved * poeticallyinspiringchange.com

Anna Chapman