Divine Awakening

My day started out with the backdrop of darkness coating the ocean, trees and the duck pond that our beach condo overlooks. (I’m still in awe about this dream coming true. That we are actually part owners of a home near the beach. Thank You Lord!)

From my sleep, I heard a host of birds singing. At first I wasn’t sure if the sounds were live or if I was hearing the TV that I’d fallen asleep to while watching a movie. The movie later watched me as I slept.

I usually wake up once or twice in the night but last night I slept all night long. Safe and sound, like a baby resting on her parent’s chest. So grateful for this contrast to my previous anxiety-filled weeks.

Slowly waking up, the birds sounded distant. They were resting on the trees right next to the balcony.

They began to sing loud. Louder. And louder still. As if God, their conductor, guided them into a crescendo.

I listened as my body and senses began to wake up. Basking in their harmonious sounds. Very near to where I lay, they continued to sing while the sky was too dark to capture their image.

Then all of a sudden they ended their tune and began to fly away as the sky slowly lightened.

Seriously, their singing stopped unanimously and loud, just like a symphony!

Afterwards, the sounds of the ocean, rain and the ducks swimming in the pond, was like an appreciative applause of the birds debut.

What a glorious and divine way to be awakened from my slumber~

I grabbed my iPhone in an attempt to capture nature, also waking up. Then grabbed my tablet to write so I could share this with you.

I hope that however you woke up today, whether from sounds of delight, alarm clocks, voices or even scary sounds of war and bad news, that you try your best to connect with God. He’s right there with you and I’m praying for you.

I hope that you can somehow find your breath and take in this new day.

Now that you’re awake, I pray you also arrive. Being present in your body. Showing up for your people.

Below is the poem that came to me after my experience this morning. Go to @angelabj1poet on Instagram or Facebook to see more pictures and videos or what I could capture, knowing that the images don’t do the live action justice.

Divine Awakening

God woke me up

With a symphony of Nature

A choir of Birds flew into my dreams

Singing, “Wake up! Wake up!

Beautiful Child of Creator.”

Their refrain was accompanied

By Ocean and Rain

Angela Braxton-Johnson

Copyright © September 2019

All Rights Reserved