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Divine Awakening

“God woke me up

With a symphony of nature

A choir of birds flew into my dreams…”

I usually wake up once or twice in the night but last night I slept all night long. Safe and sound, like a baby resting on her parent’s chest. So grateful for this contrast to my previous anxiety-filled weeks.

Slowly waking up, the birds sounded distant. They were resting on the trees right next to the balcony.

They began to sing loud. Louder. And louder still. As if God, their conductor, guided them into a crescendo.

I listened as my body and senses began to wake up. Basking in their harmonious sounds. Very near to where I lay, they continued to sing while the sky was too dark to capture their image.

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Let’s Talk Suicide; A Black Woman’s Perspective

As a black woman of faith, I personally haven’t heard of enough talks about suicide prevention. Not in the church. Not amongst friends. Not in enough work-related trainings... some but not enough.

Yet I am in one of the most marginalized groups, having brown/black skin.

Add to that, being a woman.

Add to that, being a woman of faith, mostly dominated by men.

Add to that, being fat, for most of my life in a culture OBSESSED with diets, weight loss and being thin.

Add to that being a mother/grandmother of black and brown sons/daughters.

Everyday, I am exhausted.

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