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NEW BOOK* Black Fury Fierce Recovery is a novel-sized book filled with all original poems and colorful pictures.

Topics include:

Herstory, Liberation, Intersectionality, Body Trust, Black Lives Matter, 2020, Pandemic, Fat Acceptance, Black Love, ED Recovery, Faith, Social Justice, HAES (Health At Every Size) and so much more.

Support your writers! 
Buy the book today.

Body Liberation poetry (Instagram Post) (4).png

Click Here to Learn More About the Inspiration Behind ABUNDANT FATNESS!

Do you want the, "Who's Watching Me? S-1" book but, can't afford it?

Take advantage of my Sliding Scale Program!​​

Here's How Sliding Scale Works...

  1. Choose an amount you can best afford from Sliding Scale  U.S.:  $15  | $17  | $20  | $21  | $25 (Add additional $5.00 for U.S. shipping or $7.00 for International Shipping.)

  2. Pay Using the Donation Link Below​ 

Donate to the Artistry Fund of PIC:

Please Help​ a Sista out!

All gifts, all amounts are very much appreciated.

Thank You in Advance!

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