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I am a Co-Active Life Coach and Grateful Moves Coach, partnering with folks who are willing to Dream and ready to take their lives to a higher, more embodied and fulfilled place. Whether that be spiritually, personally, professionally, financially, and any other type of "ally"... I'm here to help guide you into following your own body's wisdom.

I help facilitate healing, liberation, personal/professional development and I'm in the business of Transforming Lives!


Grateful Moves, founded by Coach Angela in 2020, encourages people to reclaim and experience movement in a way that honors their bodies. It's a holistic practice that's rooted in gratitude. I'm a certified Yoga Teacher and an Aqua Movement Instructor and would love to coach you individually or you can partner with a friend and receive a 15% discount.


If you're ready to live a more fulfilled life and/or you need some motivation to help you get to your next level, click the link below to book a complimentary Discovery Call TODAY!

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching produces positive changes, fulfillment and transforms lives (as long as you do the work) and is a relationship between the coach and coachee. Through a series of conversations and intentional actions, the coachee fills in the gaps from where they are to where they want to be. I serve the people I coach virtually. If you don't see a time that works for you, please click the 'Contact Me' button on the side to schedule. 

Sooo, are you ready to transform? Click the link below to book your Discovery Call!

Grateful Moves Coach

Change your life, increase your energy, improve your health (especially mental health) and rejuvenate your mind by adding Grateful Moves to (or in place of) your weekly movement practice. I work with individuals or partners (2 friends, mother/daughter, etc.) on a weekly basis, 1-3 times per week as you establish or enhance your movement practice. Virtual Coaching Available. Click the link below, Honey Chile, and book your Grateful Moves Coaching Discovery Call TODAY!

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