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Themes in this poem: Liberation, Intersectionality: Blackness & Fatness, Health At Every Size®, Body Acceptance, Body Trust®, ED Recovery & Divorcing Diet Culture


This poem started as an affirmation after much recovery work from disordered living and eating and after starting my Body Trust® practice. This poem-turned-eBook is an example of how our words can speak from our spirits, even before our minds and bodies fully embody that thang, Honey Child. Mmhmm. Today I embrace and accept my Abundant Fatness and encourage you to lean into doing the same, at least starting with self acceptance.  So WRITE your words or CREATE a vision board (both can be done digitally as well) to begin affirming what you believe and what you want to be true.

Abundant Fatness Poem; eBook & Visual Art with Journaling Prompts - 10 pages

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