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This poem started as an affirmation after much recovery work from disordered eating. From being in and out of twelve-step ED recovery programs, and being kicked out of an outpatient eating disorder program by my insurance for gaining weight (just as I was really beginning to heal), I found and began to learn and practice Body Trust.

A year later, in 2018, Abundant Fatness was born as a poem and is now an ebook, filled with beautiful visual art and journal prompts. AF is now an emerging business and movement that promotes healing, recovery, liberation, fat acceptance and self love/acceptance via Angela's poetry & coaching services. Also check out Angela's newest novel-sized eBook, Black Fury Fierce Recovery.

Hey Beautiful~

Thank you for stopping by my Abundant Fatness page! Hopefully you will purchase the ebook with visual art and journal prompts, all for only $7.00. Your support is greatly appreciated~

I wrote Abundant Fatness after years of disordered living and disordered eating. This poetic expression is an example of how our words can speak from our spirits, even before our minds and bodies fully embody that thang, Honey Child. Mmhmm. The reason I say that is, while I penned this poem in 2018, I have really just recently begun to fully embody my words in 2022. And a Sista is still in progress. Okay?!

I’ve been on a healing and recovery journey for many years and I’ve tried so many things that still left me feeling like I was either not enough, or just too much. From twelve step programs, fad diets (though I honestly haven’t tried too many of those), to eventually being treated at an eating disorder program. 

I was only able to stay in the eating disorder program for less than a month because as soon as I really began to heal (after 2-3 weeks), which meant I stopped restricting and being afraid of food and fatness, I gained a few pounds and my insurance dropped me from the program. A sad example of weight stigma and fat phobia.

But no worries because upon leaving that program, I had to find an outpatient therapist… and I did. And her office was located at, a place that has informed so much of my recovery through Body Trust, “ a strength-based, trauma-informed, scientifically grounded healing modality, and is a radically different way to occupy and care for your body. It is a pathway to reclaim your body and is completely counter to conventional “wisdom” about food, body image, weight, and health in our culture. Body Trust is a paradigm-shifting work that invites bravery and fierce body compassion.” And today, I am a life/recovery/liberation coach and a Body Trust Provider.

Read my ebook to creatively learn more about a fraction of my liberation story.


I also encourage you to use the journal prompts at the end of the book to deepen your own learning and recovery experience.


And be on the lookout for more new books in the works!

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Where Fatness is PRAISED...

Protected · Respected

Accepted ·  Included; 

Selected  ·  Expected 

Diet-Culture Excluded!

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