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Black Fury Fierce Recovery is filled with all original poems by the author and includes LOTS of colorful Visual Art and Body Liberation photos of the author.

Topics include Herstory, Liberation, Intersectionality, Body Acceptance, Body Trust®, Black Lives Matter®, 2020, Pandemic, Fat Acceptance, Black Love, ED Recovery, Faith, Social Justice, HAES® (Health At Every Size) and more. The retail price is $25.00.


Check her out on social media:

Instagram: @AngelaBraxtonJohnson and @AbundantFatness

Facebook: @PoeticallyInspiringChange & Abundant Fatness (She's on IG most!)

Black Fury: Fierce Recovery eBook - Poetry Collection & Visual Art (196 pages)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Book cover with pic of a black, fat, older woman wearing a blue wrapped garment with a matching headwrap. She’s sitting with her legs crossed, one hand with henna art is on her opposite chest and other hand on her knee. Henna art on hands, feet and ankles. Book cover reads: Black Fury: Fierce Recovery.

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