Angela Braxton-Johnson is a creative artist! Who loves, loves, loves the arts, music, and writing. She's the founder of Poetically Inspiring Change - a group dedicated to poetic expression and healing, a public speaker, and published author of "Who's Watchin' Me? - Season One", with more coming soon.



I am a creative artist! I love, love, love the arts and the two forms that give me the MOST life are music and writing.

The first of my loves, music, I inherited from my mother who was always singing or playing music. Always. Mama had quite the music collection in a variety of genres. This love was cultivated in me and manifested in my life through my love of listening to music, singing in choirs (since age seven), playing the flute (since age 10), singing in several groups and recently, I’ve been experimenting with singing a bit in poems that I’ve written to share through spoken word.

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Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO)


Body Trust


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"One of my favorite experiences with Angela was at her 'Prayer, Peace, Poetry, Practice' this year during the pandemic. It was a before sunrise virtual space where she guided individuals to express themselves creatively. In less than 60 minutes, I experienced peace, celebration and healing through writing and recording my voice. When you connect with Angela, you will be inspired too!" 


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