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Sometimes Things Just Don't Work Out

Why do I say that? Well, that's how I felt a couple of days ago when I had special plans of attending a Black Women's Brunch that I helped to plan. So let me start with that age-old ghetto-fabulous saying, See what had happened was...

First of all, I have been pretty ill this past month, really I haven't been feeling well since early July but these recent weeks have not been good. However, I was feeling some better and well enough to go to the intimate gathering of no more than twelve women.

The night before I took some chicken wings out the freezer and got up early the next day to prepare a homemade chicken dish made with lemon, spices, garlic and honey along with some seasoned rice garnished with parsley. While the chicken was simmering, I started getting ready, checking on it every so often. When the chicken was almost done, so was I. I didn't put on much make-up because I was running on less energy than usual but I had a pretty cute outfit on. I cooked some rice, seasoned it up, placed it in my one and only corning ware dish and put the saucey chicken wings on top of the rice.

I was ret ta GO! But here's where everything went as Beyonce's song says, to the left.

I went to grab my keys but they weren't in my regular spot which is on my keyring, generally hanging on or inside of my purse. I checked my dresser, Slim's dresser, all the places my husband may have left my keys because at this point, I remembered that my husband, Alvin (aka Slim) had used my car last. Once I couldn't find the keys anywhere, I called my husband and he couldn't remember where he put them.


I sent a text to my Sista-Friends to let them know what was happening. I didn't know if I'd make it but I was really hoping I would. Once my husband got home and found the keys, I would have about one and a half hours at the event so I was still planning to go, though I had an attitude with the man. He lovingly apologized and I could tell that he felt really bad.