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The Minister Needs to Be Ministered To

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

What’s your ministry?

A minister is not just a person who serves in a church or religious institution.

A minister is someone who cares for others. Who encourages, heals, inspires folx.

Who prays with and for people. Who sits with people, advocates and stands in the gap for them, especially for marginalized individuals and groups.

A minister can inspire hope to the hopeless, encourage the discouraged, love those feeling unloved, peace to the anxious and so much more!

A ministry is that person/place/thing that we carry a passion for. A purpose or mission that we feel led or called to by a Divine or deeply compelling source.

I felt a Divine calling to minister from the age of 15. However, one of my first assignments presented itself when I was 10 years old, to minister to my family, especially my baby sister and my mother.

I believe one of the first ministry assignments of a parent, is to minister to their children, and in time, the adult children (and community) needs to minister to those parents/seniors. Relationship partners minister to their mates. Creative & performing artists minister to their audience.

Healers minister to the the sick of mind, body or spirit—which are all interconnected.

Whatever your ministry is, remember that