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Available Online

Discovery Call

An introduction to Grateful Moves Coaching & Life Coaching with Angela

Service Description

I am Life Coach and a Grateful Moves Coach who partners with folks who are willing to Dream and ready to take their lives to a higher, more embodied, and fulfilled place. Whether that be spiritually, personally, professionally, financially, and any other type of "ally"... I'm here to help guide you to follow your own body's wisdom. Life & Business Coaching is a relationship between the coach and coachee that involves a series of conversations and intentional actions that helps the coachee fill in the gaps and create a life map from where they are currently to where they want to be in the future. As an experienced professional Co-Active coach and Body Trust Provider, I help facilitate healing, movement, liberation, business leadership, personal development, professional development and transformed lives. Grateful Moves, founded by Coach Angela, is an approach that encourages people to reclaim and experience movement in a way that honors the body. It's a holistic practice that's rooted in gratitude. If you're ready to live a more fulfilled life, and/or you need some motivation to move via Aqua Exercise (deep or shallow), or Aqua Yoga, Deep or Shallow, book a Discovery Session, book a complimentary session TODAY!

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  • Vancouver, WA, USA